Week 15: Psalms 56-95

Prepare these questions for Sunday, June 16.

1.  Some of these Psalms list actual tunes to be used when singing them (69, 75, and 80 for instance).  How would a known tune help the people to remember these words?

2.  Many Psalms have repeating words, phrases, or concepts since they were intended to be songs.  Why might that be useful? How could knowing the music or hearing these words sung to new music possibly change a Psalm's meaning or beauty?

3.  Psalm 56 tells of King David's fears and pleas for mercy when he was captured by an enemy army.  Compare his fears and feelings to your own struggles.  How can you use David's reaction to deal with your personal times of pain and uncertainty?

4.  Read Psalm 67. What does the Psalmist say about God in these verses?  What does he ask for from God?  How might your heart and attitude be different if you used this Psalm as a daily prayer?

Week 14: Psalms 18-55

Prepare these questions for Sunday, June 9, 2013.

1.  Skim through Psalms 18-22.  What words are used to describe God and how He cared for David and his people?

2.  The 23rd Psalm is one of the most famous passages of the Bible and has been commonly used at funerals.  Read it carefully-why do these particular phrases (the Lord is with me, though I walk through the shadow of the valley of death, my cup runs over) resonate with people?

3. What messages are there for the "wicked" in these Psalms?  Give verses for ones you find.

4.  Many words and phrases from the Psalms are used in hymns and other songs.  Do you see any that stood out to you or sounded familiar?