Week 5: Job 25-42

Prepare these questions for Sunday, April 7, 2013.
We will not be meeting on Easter (March 31) so we will discuss weeks 5 and 6 on April 7.

The second half of Job's story involves a new friend who speaks to Job (Elihu) and a response from God that comes "out of the storm."  Try to imagine what that seemed like to Job as you read.

1.  Why did Elihu wait so long to speak up?  What are your thoughts on his reasoning?

2.  What does the fact that these men debate the will of God tell you about the nature of both faith and human beings? What can you learn from their examples (good or bad)?

3.  What are God's eventual responses to Job's questions?  Do these answers satisfy you? Why?

4.  What does Job conclude after God speaks?  Do you think the later events of his life affected his view of God's words from the storm?

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