Week 7: Exodus 13-31

Prepare these questions for Sunday, April 14, 2013.

These chapters occur as the Israelites are fleeing Egypt and moving through the desert with Moses as their leader.  Think about what it would be like to travel with around 2 million people or so while camping in the desert as you read this section.

1.  What miracles allowed the Israelites to escape Egypt and survive in the desert?

2.  What are the Ten Commandments and how did they come to be?

3.  What other kinds of laws are stated in these chapters?  Why would these laws be given to Moses at this point in the Israelites' story?

4.  What is the Ark of the Covenant discussed in Chapter 25?  What did the Israelites do with it and why is it significant?

5.  The Israelites experienced inspiring acts of miraculous love from God, but still needed to establish laws and the rule of judges to function as a society.  What does that say about their characters?  Do you relate to any of their behaviors or reactions to these experiences?

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