Week 8: Exodus 32-40

Prepare these questions for Sunday, April 21, 2013.

In this part of Exodus the Israelites seem to forget God's presence and rebel against Moses, yet still come together to create the tabernacle.  Think about what circumstances might have encouraged their rebellion as you read.

1.  What was the Golden Calf and how did Moses react when he learned about it?  What was God's reaction to these events?

2.  What was unusual about Moses and his face after he met with God?  What does this reveal about God?

3.  Why is the description of the tabernacle so very detailed?  What can those details tell us about these people and their community?

4.  How did the Israelites determine when to stay and when to go during their time in the desert?  What impact could this have on how the Israelites viewed God?

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