Week 11: Numbers 1-21

Prepare these questions for Sunday, May 19, 2013.
We will not meet May 12 due to Mother's Day.

The book of Numbers is named after the detailed accounting figures from a couple of censuses that are recorded in its pages.  Some of it is rather tedious to read, but there are also some pretty interesting stories about the Israelites' time in the desert.  In these chapters we are still following Moses and company in an attempt to reach Canaan, the land God promised the Israelites way back in Genesis.

1.  Why does the Bible include all the really specific census data recorded in Numbers?

2.  What is the purpose and/or moral of the description of the Lord providing quail in chapter 11?

3.  In chapters 13 and 14 the Israelites near Canaan and send scouts to report back to Moses and the rest of the nation.  What is their report? How do the people react?  What is God's response to their reactions?

4.  What miraculous events happen in chapters 20 and 21?  What do these events say about the attitudes and general feelings of the Israelites at this time?

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