Week 13: Psalms 1-17

Prepare these questions for Sunday, June 2, 2013.  We will not meet on May 26 due to Memorial Day.

The book of Psalms is very different from most of the books we have been reading so far.  A Psalm is a song written to be used in worship and set to music.  We don't know the tunes anymore and the wording is sometimes awkward because these songs have been translated over and over from the ancient Hebrew (the language in which they are thought to have been written). Having said that, the Psalms are still beautiful poetry with powerful imagery and often comforting concepts. Some Psalms list the author (most are attributed to King David) or give a brief explanation about when/why they were written, but many stand alone as poems to God.

1.  What topics are covered in these first Psalms?

2.  Read Psalm 8 carefully.  What does this Psalm say about God and how He feels/acts toward mankind?

3.  Read Psalm 15.  Use your own words to describe the kind of person who "will not be shaken" (some translations read "will not be moved").  How do you compare to these qualities at this point in your life?

4.  What do you like (or dislike) about this collection of poetry as opposed to the law and history books we have been reading so far?

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