Week 16: Psalms 96-150

Prepare these questions for Sunday, July 7, 2013.

1. This last set of Psalms includes many words of praise and worship.  Choose two to three phrases that encourage or uplift you and write down the psalms in which they are found.  Some suggestions include, "sing to the Lord," "the Lord reigns," "praise the Lord, oh my soul," and "His love endures forever."

2. The first words read to each of my children, within an hour or so of their births, were from Psalm 96. Years before their births, years before my marriage, I chose this Psalm to be the very first instructions that my future husband and I would give to any children we might have.  How can you use the Book of Psalms as instructions for your own life?

3.  The very last lines of the book of Psalms are "let everything that has breath praise the Lord.  Praise the Lord."  These words represent the entire message of this collection of songs-we are to praise the Lord in good times and bad, when we are victorious and when we are lost, no matter what.  God does not need our praise; rather, our hearts need to praise Him. Our praise brings us hope. Choose one psalm from anywhere in this book to memorize and carry with you for life.  Let it speak to you of hope in the Lord who will never leave you nor forsake you.

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