Week 17: Deuteronomy 1-19

Prepare these questions for Sunday, July 21, 2013.

Deuteronomy finds us back with the Israelites on their never-ending journey to the Promised Land (Canaan). In this book, Moses gives a long speech reminding the people of all God has done for them and the law that has been given to them.  In the end, Moses dies (without entering Canaan) and the people claim the land that they waited on for an entire generation.

1.  Chapters 1-5 remind the Israelites of the events they have been through since leaving Egypt. Why would Moses begin his speech this way? What benefit is there in recounting what God has done for you in your life?

2.  Moses was not allowed to cross the Jordan river and enter the Promised Land. Why was this true (see Numbers 20:1-12)? What does that tell you about God and how can we learn from Moses's mistake?

3. In chapters 7 (v. 7) and 9 (v. 4-6), Moses tells Israel why they were chosen by God and allowed to take Canaan. What reasons does Moses give?

4. In chapters 10-19, Moses recounts several of the laws and structures for society that were established in previous books like Exodus, Numbers, and Leviticus. What benefit could there be for Moses to do this?

5.  What instructions does Moses give concerning the Israelites' interactions with the other people groups they will encounter in Canaan?  What is the purpose of those instructions?

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