Week 22: Joshua

Prepare these questions for Sunday, August 25, 2013.

The Book of Joshua is about, you know, Joshua. After wandering in the desert as punishment for their disobedience, the Israelites were finally on the cusp of invading and conquering the Promised Land (Canaan). Moses chose Joshua as his successor to lead the entire nation across the Jordan River and into the region that they had been promised by God. This book tells the story of that journey and concludes with the death of Joshua.  It was probably complied after Joshua's death (at least the death part was, obviously), although some portions may have been recorded by Joshua himself.

1. In Chapter 1 God commands Joshua to take the Israelites into Canaan. What advice or instructions does He give Joshua? What might have been the purpose of these words or phrases?

2. Describe the story of Rahab. Why would this detail be part of the larger story of the Israelites' taking of Canaan?

3. What happened at Jericho? Why might God give Joshua these instructions for taking the city?

4. Most of this book involves the conquering of the various peoples and cities in Canaan. Why would God require such strenuous fighting on the part of the Israelites to claim this land? What does it say that so many of the cities were destroyed?

5. In the last chapters of the book, Israel renews its covenant with God (that they will follow God and He will not leave them). Why would Israel need to keep renewing their covenant? In what ways do you relate to their lack of focus in their faith?

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