Week 23: Judges

Prepare these questions for Sunday, September 8.  We will not meet on Sunday, September 1 due to Labor Day.

The book of Judges describes the time after Joshua no longer led Israel but before their government became a monarchy. There is no author listed and several different judges are described. For the most part, Judges is a cycle of failures and faithless decisions by the Israelites followed by a time of success when a good judge rose up to lead. The main lesson is that God's plans succeed in spite of human participation and faithfulness.

1. Although you probably don't erect altars to foreign gods in your room like the Israelites did, we all turn toward ungodly things from time to time. What people or things do you turn to on occasion instead of God?

2. Chapters 4 and 5 contain the stories of two rather formidable women, Deborah and Jael. Who were they and what stands out to you about their stories?

3. Chapters 6-8 tell the story of Gideon. Describe his defeat of the Midianites and identify 2-3 characteristics that allowed him to be used by God?

4. Samson (Chapters 12-16) has quite a memorable story. What was Samson's downfall and how did he avenge himself in the end?

5. Over and over again this book shows failure and chaos returning to Israel. Why would such detail of Israel's faithlessness be in the Bible?

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