Week 30: Isaiah 40-66

Prepare these questions for Sunday, October 20th.

1. What "comforts" for God's people does the author speak of in Chapter 40?

2. What happened to Babylon (who had conquered the Israelites) and it's gods in Chapters 46 and 47?

3. Several verses reference the "servant" and these are some of the most famous portions of Isaiah. The servant could be Isaiah himself, a description of God's people as a whole, or even a prophesy of Jesus. Look at the following passages and describe the qualities of the servant.
Isaiah 42: 1-4
Isaiah 49: 1-6
Isaiah 50: 4-9

4. Perhaps the most beautiful portion of this entire book is Isaiah 52:13-53:12. This section is sometimes referred to as "The Song of the Suffering Servant" and is thought by many scholars to be a prophesy of Jesus. What words or phrases seem to reference the future story of Jesus and his ministry?

5. Religious scholars in Jesus's time would have memorized these verses. What impact might this have had on Jesus and his experiences with religious leaders?

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