Week 28: 2 Kings

Prepare these questions for Sunday, October 6.  We will have two weeks worth of questions to discuss this week.

2Kings is the conclusion of the history of the monarchy of Israel (and Judah after the split). It is primarily a recounting of the reigns of kings, but there are a few noteworthy people and events that help us understand more about our relationship with God.

1. What happened to the prophet Elijah in Chapter 2? What do you think this story means?

2. Who was Elisha (different guy than Elijah) and what was his role?

3. Describe the story of Naaman. What can you learn from Naaman's actions?

4. What happened to Jerusalem in Chapter 25 and why was this significant?

5. These histories (1Samuel through 2Kings) show a group of people who repeatedly become obsessed with the politics and details of their lives (which were important things) and forget the role of God in those very same areas. In what ways do you allow important things to overshadow God's role in your own life?

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