Week 32: Jeremiah 37-52

Prepare these questions for November 3, 2013.

1. In Chapter 38 Jeremiah warns that the people who stay in the city will die either through starvation or in battle, but that if they surrender to the Babylonians now, they will have a chance to live. The leaders wanted to kill Jeremiah for destroying morale and depressing the soldiers. (they didn't kill him, but he did spend the rest of the time in jail until the Babylonian king freed him) Have you ever had to tell someone an uncomfortable truth that you did not want to have to say? What did you do and how did you deal with it?

2. Jeremiah was frequently on his own in his ministry. What was his driving reason for continuing to prophesy and warn the people even though they didn't want to listen to him?

3. Jerusalem did fall and the Babylonians took over. How could the people of Jerusalem have made their lives easier and avoided such a huge catastrophe?

4. It is easy to judge the people of the Old Testament for their poor decisions, but we often do the same thing they did. Where are you making the same kinds of poor decisions over and over in your life right now?

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