Week 35: 2 Chronicles

Prepare these questions for Sunday, November 24, 2013.

2 Chronicles continues the retelling of the history of Israel/Judah for the newly-returned-from-exile
Jewish people. It begins with Solomon's reign over Israel and goes all the way through the edict by the Persian King Cyrus that allowed the Jewish people to return to Jerusalem.

1. What does the detail of the building of the temple by Solomon tell you about how the Israelites valued the temple itself? Why would all of those details be included in this retelling of their history?

2. The phrase "he is good, his love endures forever" is used several times in this book when priests are speaking of God. How might this phrase have been an encouragement to the Jewish people after their return to Jerusalem?

3. Most of the book after Solomon details the kings of Judah (the post-split northern kingdom of Israel is mostly ignored in this book). If a king was good (like Hezekiah) and tried to lead the people according to God's will, he was talked about more. What message is this author trying to give the Jewish people living under Persian rule and trying to rebuild their sense of self and community?

4. Why would the author end the book with the reminder of the exile and the proclamation of King Cyrus in verses 36:15-23? Is there anything in your own life that you would want to be reminded of or to keep a record of for your future decisions?

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