Week 48: Acts

Prepare these questions for Sunday, March 9, 2014.

Acts is the second half of Luke's history of the early church. While Luke was not around for much of what he described in the book of Luke, he actually did travel with Paul and personally witnessed some of what he described in the book of Acts. This book focuses on the spread of Christianity (what early believers referred to as the Way) throughout the Mediterranean region.

1. What is the event of Pentecost described in Chapter 2? What is the significance of this event and how did it alter the relationship between people and God?

2. Chapters 3-7 describe lots of preaching, healing, and miracles performed by early church leaders including Peter. We are also introduced to new leaders and the conflicts they faced. Who was Stephen, why was he (and other early leaders) controversial, and what happened to him/

3. Read the story of Saul/Paul's conversion in chapters 8 and 9. What happened to him and how does his conversion affect the spread of Christianity/

4. There are many obstacles to the apostles' ministry throughout the book of Acts. What types of struggles do they face, both from within their own organization and from the Jewish and Roman communities?

5. The last 10 chapters or so of Acts are almost exclusively about Paul. What circumstances or characteristics did Paul have that made him perfect for the ministry God told him to do? What experiences or knowledge do you have that might be useful in your own life's ministry? 

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