Week 24: Ruth and Song of Songs

Prepare these questions for Sunday, September 8, 2013. We will have two weeks of questions to discuss this day since we did not meet on Labor Day.

The book of Ruth tells a particular story that happened during the time period of the rule of judges. Eventually life events would result in Ruth becoming the great-grandmother of the legendary King David.

1. How are Naomi and Ruth related and what troubles did they face?

2. What happened to these two women and how is God's hand seen in their story?

Song of Songs
This book is a love poem between a man and a woman. They direct their thoughts to each other, but also friends who respond during the poem. The piece may have been used in actual marriage ceremonies, but may also have been just an example of love poetry from the time period. "King" and "Queen" probably refer to the Bride and Groom, however, if King Solomon was the author, he may have meant that literally.

3. Although the language is far from modern (my husband does not compliment my body parts by comparing them to animals, for instance), a lot of the sentiment stands the test of time. What emotions or thoughts do you see that reflect the feelings and desires of lovers today?

4. What qualities do the lovers admire in one another? Would you look for these qualities in your spouse?

5. These two books (Ruth and Song of Songs) are very personal, not the sweeping stories of Israel and massive miracles. What role do they have in the narrative of the Bible?

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