Week 27: 1 Kings

Prepare these questions for Sunday, October 6.  We will not meet on September 29 because there is no Inside Out that week.

1Kings is the continuation of the narrative begun in 1 and 2 Samuel. The first half is about King Solomon (David's son with Bathsheba) and the second half if about several other kings after Solomon's death.

1. Transition from David to Solomon was not particularly smooth. What happened and how did Solomon become king? What challenges might that have made for Solomon?

2. Solomon was and is known for being a wise king. What verses or passages reveal his wisdom in these chapters?

3. What kind of king was Solomon, really? Faithful? Honest? Selfish? Arrogant? Wise? Foolish? What qualities do you see in chapters 3 through 11?

4. After Solomon's death there was a rebellion and Israel split into two parts-Israel in the North and Judah in the South. The rest of 1Kings details the leaders of these two kingdoms and the highlights of their reigns. What does the rebellion and subsequent turnover of rulers tell you about the attitudes and faithfulness of the Israelites during this time?

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